1. What is the weight of the towels?

Original Towels weigh: 200g

With canvas bag: 245g

Round towels weigh: 635g

With canvas bag: 680g


2. What are the dimensions of the towels?

Original towels: 140cm X 70cm

Round towels: 150cm diameter


3. How do you chose the prints?

Our designs are inspired by the Mykonos and in essence European summer vibe.  Our selection is based according to what is currently trending.


4. How much are delivery costs in Cyprus?

It is 3 euros anywhere in Cyprus - collection from your nearest Akis Express Office.


5. What are the towels made of?

88% polyester and 12% polyamide.


6. What are they ideal for?

Our towels are great for the beach, the pool, travelers as well as for gifts. 


7. Is the individual canvas bag free?



8. What is the elastic band for?

To wrap around towel for convince of folding and hanging, supporting the compact design.


9. Are they eco-friendly?

Yes! Microfibre is antibacterial, has no odour and is dirt repellant.


10. How long does shipping take within Cyprus?

1-3 working days. Maximum one week.


11. How long does international shipping take?

1-6 weeks.


12. How can I become a brand ambassador?

DM us on Instagram or send us an email at kiwicollection19@gmail.com


13. Do we get discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! Orders from over 80 euros qualify for free shipping within Cyprus. For bulk orders email is at kiwicollection19@gmail.com for our bulk discounts.