Our Story


This is the story of how it all began.

At the edge of the Aegean Sea, during warm European summer holidays, on a beautiful little Greek island; Mykonos, our founder Stephanie’s getaway quickly turned into a life-changing business venture. In the company of beautiful sunsets and crashing waves, it didn’t take long before Steph was humbled and began to appreciate the simple moments.

Beaches of Mykonos filled with people, a summer island so full of life, but for Steph something was missing. People everywhere, smiling, swimming, tanning, living and creating memories; moments. Magical moments that were missing a little bit of fun, a little bit of colour, a little bit of zest. That is when Steph’s mission was to create beach towels which illuminate with fun, colour and zest for life.

At the same time wanting the creation to be sand-free,  fast drying, have a compact design,  be eco-friendly , durable, breathable and lightweight in order to suit every holiday-goer’s needs.

A few months later, The Kiwi Collection was launched. Each day, a global community of summer lovers and memory seekers who are thirsty for living perfect moments in style, grows.  The name “kiwi”,  besides the fact that its Steph's favorite fruit it also symbolises the fresh, fruity and fun spirit of the brand.

Inspired by the innovators, the dreamers and European summer our designs embody this exact spirit. Created for summer adventures and produced to provide exactly what every beach-goer needs : stylish, colourful and quality accessories.

We strive to continue to inspire you to live life on your terms and to create moments which are filled with colour and can be treasured for a lifetime. Each design was inspired by the things that remind Steph of her trip Mykonos, from intricate mati ornaments, to flamingo blowups and trendy prints. 

Every single towel in our collection is exclusively crafted and designed in the heart of Mykonos.